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About Gang Yan


Beijing Gang Yan Diamond Products Company (Gang Yan) was started by Central Iron & Steel Research Institute (CISRI) in 1993. As No.1 research institution in China, CISRI has over 55 years of experience in developing advanced materials and setting national standards for materials processing and analyzing. Gang Yan was set up to take advantage of the extensive research CISRI has done in the powder metallurgy. In 1999, CISRI grouped five of its industrials in the field of new materials and products, including Gang Yan, and established a new company named Advanced Technology & Materials Co. Ltd. (AT&M). In 2001, AT&M was listed on China Shen Zhen Stock Market, and Gang Yan became the only company listed on stock market in diamond tools industry in China.


This high technology and strong financial background has enabled Gang Yan, with its innovative-patented processes and sophisticated equipment, to produce quality diamonds tools of exceptional and most stable quality. Gang Yan has been adopting the ISO9001 for more than 10 years. In 2006 Gang Yan joined oSa and became its first and solo member in China at this stage. Constant in-house self testing and monitoring for product safety enable Gang Yan’s diamond tools to meet the most stringent safety requirement of EN standards. As the first company specialized in diamond tools in China, and through the last ten years of step by step improving, Gang Yan has become a worldwide leading manufacturer of diamond tools, and now is a major supplier to most of the largest manufacturers and distributors in the world. More than 90% of Gang Yan’s products are for export market.


Gang Yan mainly focuses on laser welding, brazing and sintering process for diamond blades, diamond core bits, diamond grinding wheels, and diamond wire saw, totally more than 300 types of diamond tools. Ten automatic laser-welding lines make Gang Yan the largest supplier of laser blades in China. The state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, precise production engineering, and effective quality control system assure all of our products exactly meet their designed specifications and satisfy the customer's requirements.


A creative and experienced bond system provides Gang Yan’s products a high cost/performance ratio in a broad range of application, effective in both construction and stone industry and successful in both professional and DIY market. New functional products are developed each month by our R&D team. Gang Yan also private labels for large OEM's, including designing, marking, printing, and packaging to their specifications. Our extensive experience in international trading ensures our customers enjoyed to directly order shipment from China or through our US office.